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From Gothenburg to Norway, there are 7,000 rocky islands with good hiking trails, beautiful nature, breathtaking views and cozy fishing lodges. Read more about the history of the area and the beautiful walking routes here.

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Where is the archipelago?


The West Swedish archipelago is located in Bohuslän in the region of Västra Götaland. It is the area from Gothenburg to the Norwegian border. Happy Hike makes lobster trips to Marstrand just north of Gothenburg, as well as trips to the area around Lysekil approx. 100 km. north of Gothenburg. The shared tours go to Kärlingesund, which lies between Uddevalla and Lysekil, and the self-drive tours go to Skaftö, which is south of Lysekil. See the locations on the map below.

What makes archipelago hiking so special?

What makes archipelago hiking something special is the rocky landscape, the views over the sea and islands, the untouched forests, and finally, there is no traffic and noise because many of the islands are car-free. It provides a unique hiking experience that differs from hiking in the Danish countryside at the same time that the journey up there is comfortable and can be done in a few hours.


Unique and varied rock landscape

The rocky landscape and the 7,000 islands make the landscape different from the typical flat Danish landscape. And because many of the islands and large parts of Bohuslän are nature reserves, no trees have been felled here in the past 100 years. It provides a beautiful and varied landscape.

View of the Skagerrak and deep fjords

The landscape contains thousands of islands and deep fjords. In the area around Skaftö you can see Gullmarsfjorden and Åbyfjorden, both of which offer beautiful hiking routes with great views. The Gullmarsfjord is Sweden's only threshold fjord. The fjord is 40 meters deep at the inlet from Skagerrak - and up to 120 meters deep further in. There is a passenger ferry across the Gullmarsfjord between Fiskebäckskil on Skaftö and Lysekil, which is part of the mainland to the north. 

Idyllic fishing lodges

Bohuslän has a long fishing tradition and the small cozy fishing lodges have been preserved. Here there are well-maintained wooden houses, narrow streets and delicious restaurants. On Skaftö, there are three smaller fishing grounds: Grundsund, located at the extreme western part of the island, Fiskebäckskil on the northern side of the island and Rågårdsvik to the south. The famous singer Evert Taube spent a lot of time on the neighboring islands of Flatön and Ängön and his maternal uncle was the lighthouse keeper at the lighthouse on Skaftö's southernmost part, Islandsberg Huvud, and the Bohuslän rocks and sea are extensively described in Taube's songs.  

Part of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway

Bohuslän has been more Danish than Swedish. It was part of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway until the Peace of Roskilde in 1658, when King Frederik the Third had to cede i.a. Bohuslän, Skåne, Halland and Blekinge to Sweden. Bohuslän was a border area, and there was frequent war between Denmark-Norway and Sweden from approx. 1200 to the 18th century. On the way you can see Bohus Fästning just outside Gothenburg, which was built by Denmark-Norway in the 14th century to defend the area against the Swedes, and in Marstrand you can see Carlstens Fästning, which the Swedes built immediately after they won the area back in 1658 .Tordenskjold succeeded  in recapturing Carlstens Fästning and Marstrand, but Denmark had to give up getting the area back, as great powers such as England and France preferred Scandinavia to be divided into several smaller countries, rather than one dominant country. Since then, there has been peace in Bohuslän for over 300 years. In the archipelago, you will learn about a more unknown part of Danish history.


How do I get off?

The Swedish archipelago is within driving distance of Denmark, and you can get away on a weekend. It is recommended to bring your own car up there because the local public transport outside of Gothenburg can be complicated.


You can book a trip with Happy Hike, where you get a hotel stay in one of the cozy fishing lodges and a complete hiking package with - this includes breakfast, lunch-to-go, tour material with a program and a map of the routes, so you can easily find the best routes adapted to your level.

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If you don't have a car yourself, you can come along on a trip where transport is provided. Happy Hike organizes joint trips with its own bus from Copenhagen to the archipelago. ​

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Hvis du vil supplere din ferie på Bornholm med en vandretur, så laver Happy Hike endagsture fra Gudhjem til Christiansø og fra Gudhjem til Stammershalle. 

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Tur til Christiansø inkl. færge, frokost

Tur til Christiansø ekskl. færge, frokost

Which routes to choose?

The coastal ladder

The Kuststigen is a longer, continuous hiking route that runs from the town of Uddevalla inland, across Sweden's third largest island Orust and all the way to Grundsund, before continuing north towards Norway. The coastal path is run by the Västkuststiftelsen in collaboration with a number of municipalities in Bohuslän.  

Discover Kuststigen's routeshere

Local trails

In addition, there are local hiking trails that are maintained by associations. A few years ago, for example, the Strandpromenaden in Grundsund opened, which runs along the dramatic rocky coast from the harbor in Grundsund before it meets the Munkeviksleden, then the Korpelialeden, meets the Kuststigen and reaches Fiskebäckskil.


If you book a self-drive hiking holiday, you will be given a map of the routes at the hotel, and you will be sent program suggestions, descriptions of the routes and GPS maps for your mobile phone.

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Which islands are worth a visit?

Shaft island

On the archipelago island of Skaftö, there are many beautiful and varied hiking routes. The route of 6 km each way between the beautiful fishing grounds Grundsund and Fiskebäckskil offers a view of the Skagerrak and the Gullmarsfjord. In addition, there are routes that in the spring go through a beautiful anemone forest and in the autumn offer an abundance of beautiful colors and chanterelles.

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You can visit Gullholmen by taking the passenger ferry 10 minutes from Tuvesvik on Orust. Here is a romantic fishing lodge, cliffs, a 500-year-old oak and a great view of Skagerrak and the neighboring islands. The island is a nature reserve without cars and the walking routes are up to 16 km.



The small Dyrön further south offers rocks, forest and breathtaking views over islands, skerries and both the Kattegat and Skagerrak. There is only 5 km around the island, but the terrain is hilly and here you get the whole archipelago experience on one island. Also try to book a trip to the sauna, which is located along the route!

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South of Dyrön and approx. 40 minutes by car from Gothenburg is the Swedish sailing capital Marstrand. The city's landmark is the historic Carlsten fortress, which Tordenskjold took in his time - but did not manage to hold. Marstrand is divided into an old district, Marstrandsön, and a newer district on Koön. There are beautiful walking routes on both islands with great views of the Kattegat and the surrounding islands. When the lobster season begins at the end of September, you can go on a trip with a local fisherman and pick up lobsters from the seabed - and bring them home to eat.

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Hvordan kommer jeg lettest til, fra og rundt på Bornholm?


Du kommer til Bornholm med enten færge eller fly.

Med bil


Hvis du har bil er det oplagt at tage den med til øen. En enkelt færgebillet med bil kan koste fra 99 kroner i januar til over 1.000 kr. under Folkemødet. Husk at booke din billet i god tid - gerne nogle måneder - inden afrejse.  

Uden bil


Hvis du ikke har bil, kan du tage flyet til Rønne eller tage bussen fra København til færgen i Ystad og derfra til Rønne. Du kan enten købe din billet hos Kombardo eller hos Bornholmerbussen, og det inkluderer færgebilletten og koster typisk fra 99 kr. til 250 kr. Når du står i Rønne kan du bruge de lokale busser, der er timet med færgen - med mindre at færgen er væsentligt forsinket. Når du skal rundt på øen, skal du være forberedt på at planlægge din dag til en vis grad efter, hvornår busserne går, fordi der kan være en time eller to imellem at busserne går.

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