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Terms and conditions

Covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund

  • If you have booked a trip, you will receive ongoing status of any travel restrictions up to your departure.

  • Happy Hike is a Danish travel agency and member of the Rejsegarantifonden. Read more about the Rejsegarantifonden's coverage of travel on the Rejsegarantifonden's website.

Cancellation policy 2023 - self-drive hiking holiday to Sweden

  • Free cancellation for 1 room - no later than 8 days before arrival.

  • Free cancellation for 2 or more rooms - no later than 15 days before arrival.

  • In case of later cancellation, the hotel will charge a fee of the full amount. The hotel offers to offer the rooms in question to other guests for a fee of 15 per cent. of the amount, and the remaining amount is refunded to the guest within 8 days.

  • Cancellation must be made by e-mail to or phone +45 25210220.

Cancellation policy 2023: Shared trip to Sweden

  • When canceling with more than 60 days to the departure date: Free. You will be refunded the entire amount paid.

  • If canceling with between 60 - 30 days to the departure date: You will not get the deposit refunded (the 30 per cent of the price). You will be reimbursed the remaining amount (the 70 per cent of the price).

  • When canceling with less than 30 days to the departure date: You will not get the deposit or balance refunded. 

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