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Enjoy hiking trips to the beautiful Scandinavian islands
  • One-day trips or multi-day trips
  • Swedish west coast archipelago or Bornholm, Denmark
  • Extra: Guide, transport, accommodation, meals
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"It was a very nice and successful holiday. The best hikes were definitely the ones where we walked on the rocks to the water. It was fascinating."

- Randy D

"Many thanks for the lightning-fast and great service and suggestions for the program, tours and restaurants. It's really classy, I've never seen it better."

- Bent 

"We walked, among other things, the route from Grundsund to Fiskebäckskil, took the passenger ferry to Lysekil round trip and walked home along the coastal path. When we reached Stockevik we were tired - so the hotel host came and gave us a lift home. It was also a perfect walk - weather all the way. We are happy!"

- Jytte

"Highly recommended. Good suggestions for trips and nice hotel with nice hosts."

- Pia


New landscapes - close by

Travel and getaways are often about experiencing new things, having a good time and getting closer to friends, family or oneself. When you replace the familiar surroundings with new ones, you get new impressions and you can relax in a different way than at home.

But you don't have to travel far to get that effect. On the contrary. It's just a matter of finding some new beautiful landscapes to experience - and here the Swedish archipelago and Bornholm can be good offers with different rock landscapes within a manageable travel time.

The western Swedish archipelago consists of 7,000 rocky islands along the coast from Gothenburg to Norway with good hiking trails, beautiful nature, breathtaking views and cozy fishing lodges.

Bornholm's beautiful coastal path around the island offers cliffs, forests, waterfalls and views of the Baltic Sea.

Happy Hike is a Danish travel agency that offers trips to the archipelago and Bornholm in one or more days. In 2023, you can join a group trip to the archipelago for five days with hiking and yoga, one-day trips with local guides on Bornholm and lobster trips to Marstrand in the autumn.

It is unique, active and local experiences where you come home stronger attachment to nature and the surroundings and local communities, one's traveling companions and oneself. These are trips you can feel at home in!


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