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Lobster trips

Experience the thrill of pulling your own lobster out of the sea! A short getaway to the archipelago with close contact with the sea, rocks and lobsters. Read more and book your trip here!

Short getaway - great excitement!

Join us on a lobster trip to Marstrand near Gothenburg: Here you can experience the thrill of pulling your own lobster up from the sea and have a weekend of close contact with the sea, rocks and lobsters.


You get:

  • Fun and unique DIY experience

  • Break from everyday life in close contact with nature

  • Short getaway of one night - perfect as a trip with friends

The start of the lobster season is a big event in the historic sailing and fishing town of Marstrand just outside Gothenburg. In 2022, the season starts on September 26. Here the lobster cages are placed on the seabed, and a day or two later you sail out to the cages and lift them up.

The excitement is great when you lift the cages into the boat by hand and hope that there will be a profit! It is a unique hands-on experience of taking the lobster out of the cage, sailing it home and preparing it for dinner.


The boat trip from the historic town of Marstrand and around to the lobster cages is an experience in itself. Fiskerbåden is first park for sea, sky and rocky islands.


Happy Hike organizes lobster trips to Marstrand in collaboration with a local fisherman who has been fishing for lobster up there for more than 40 years. 

The trips are adapted so that they are intended for participants who come from Denmark and need a single overnight stay in Marstrand. The trips last two days and include a lobster trip as well as an overnight hotel stay with breakfast.


In addition, you can buy extra activities such as cooking the lobster with a chef and a glass of white wine on the quayside, a tour and a walk around Marstrandsøen's beautiful castle and then there is the opportunity to relax in the hotel's spa.

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Hummertur i sommerhus:

Tour dates autumn 2022
There are joint tours on the following dates in autumn 2022, where there is a Danish-Swedish tour leader on the tour.

  • Friday - Saturday: 30 September - 1 October

  • Saturday - Sunday: October 8 - October 9

Lobster season runs from September 26 and runs through the year, so contact us if you want other dates.

Self-drive lobster trip

You can also go on a lobster trip on your own and can book the days that suit you. Here you have to take care of the transport to Marstrand yourself, and there is no tour leader with you. The package and the price are the same - lobster trip, hotel accommodation and a map of hiking trails for your mobile phone, so you can go on the hikes yourself. Lobster season runs from September 26 and runs through the year, so contact us and book the days that suit you.

Det indgår:

  • Del af en gruppe på op til 12 personer

  • 2 overnatninger i sommerhuset her - der er eneværelser og dobbeltværelser

  • Fuld forplejning på turen - morgenmad, frokost, aftensmad

  • Deltagelse på 2-3 timers hummertur på båd med lokal fisker inkl. udstyr (flyverdragt, handsker), kaffe og kage, forsikring

  • Vandretur med guide langs Gullmarsfjorden

Pris: 3.995 kr. per person

Hummertur på hotel:

Du kan tage på hummertur på egen hånd og booke de dage, der passer dig. Her skal du selv stå for transporten til Marstrand, og der er ingen turleder med. Hummersæsonen går fra den 25. september og året ud, så kontakt os og book de dage, der passer dig.

It includes:

  • One night at a hotel in a shared double room at Marstrands Havshotell - see more about the hotelhere.

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Participation in a 2-3 hour lobster trip on a boat with a local fisherman incl. equipment (flying suit, gloves), coffee and cake, insurance

  • Hike with a guide on Marstrandsön and map for mobile of the hiking routes in the area.

Price: DKK 1,995 per person

Extra purchase

You can choose extra activities for your trip.​ Choose one or more things for your trip:

  • Make your own lobster on the quay with a chef - incl. ½ lobster for each - good as a starter!

  • Trip to Marstrandsøen - entrance and guided tour of Carlstens Fästning, walking tour Marstrandsøen 2 hours, ferry ticket round trip Koön-Marstrandsön, packed lunch

  • Spa at the hotel - read morehere

Price for extra activity: DKK 499.

​Eksempel på program: Kort getaway med hummer & hotel

Program: Short getaway with lobster & hotel

Day 1

  • At 12.00 Arrival in Marstrand - check in at the hotel

  • At 12.15 Meeting time on the quay in front of the hotel.

  • At 12.30 The lobster trip starts.

  • At 15.30 Back from the lobster trip: Opportunity to prepare the day's catch with a chef. It takes place in a room at the harbour, where you help with the worship rescue and at the end you can enjoy half a lobster each, which you have caught yourself!

  • Evening: Enjoy dinner at one of the delicious seafood restaurants in town

Day 2

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Possibility of a tour of the beautiful castle Carlstens Fästning, followed by a guided hike on Marstrandsön with a view of the archipelago and the Skagerrak - and a packed lunch

  • Option to go to the spa at the hotel

  • Home journey​

More about the trip

Read more about how the lobster trip takes place in the blog post here

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